Nearly 20 years ago when Earvin Magic Johnson announced to the world that he was HIV positive, the backlash, scrutiny, and most of all, fear where at the front of everyone's mind. Even today, the many stigmas that come along with HIV are those that Magic Johnson wants to educate people on. Johnson is endorsing a home HIV test kit called OraQuick. The test will be carried at several drug stores including, CVS and Walgreens. When asked why he chose to be the face of the product, Johnson stated:

“OraQuick is a game changer for us.. especially when you think about the stigmas in the black and brown community.The black and brown community…these are the people who I was thinking about most when I thought about this kit. We don’t want to go to the clinic. We don’t want anybody to see us at the doctor. We don’t want people to know if we’re HIV-positive or not.”

The home kit can tell a person their HIV status in as little as 20 minutes and cost about $40 dollars. Johnson says that within the privacy of one's home, they can test and get fast results, instead of going into the clinics or HIV/AIDS clinics and being embarrassed or ashamed.

Johnson also mentioned why OraQuick is the "game changer" and why he feels like his support will help others by stating at a presentation for Orasure Technologies, and how activist, Elizabeth Glaser (who contracted the disease during a blood-transfusion while giving birth in 1981) :

“When I announced 21 years ago, AIDS activist Elizabeth Glaser told me on her dying bed that I had to become the face of this disease. She felt like the disease needed a face to raise awareness levels, and she wanted me to get out and educate people. I promised her that I’d go out and do it.”

We are proud of Magic for being courageous enough to educate other individuals through his own life experiences.