With the warmer weather on the horizon many students are going to start preparing for prom and graduation as many young adults are planning life after high school.

Most families aren’t as fortunate to give their child a suit mainly due to financial struggles so one individual wanted to do something for the community to make sure young men had the essentials to be ready for their next major step.

Last Saturday (March 3) a group of young men attended the Third Annual Mark Cuban Heroes Basketball Center to receive free suits for church, prom, and future job interviews.  NBC DFW reports Jemil Tucker who is one of the organizers assisted the young men on how to style their suits and to build confidence while wearing them.  Tucker explains that his father wasn’t around to show him how to wear a suit so he relied on his uncles to show him.

I think the confidence doesn’t come from the suit; the confidence comes from knowing how to accessorize, how to tie a tie, and knowing that you can do it on your own.

If you would like more information on the program or to donate you can call 214-397-7451.