The Live House Expert: Stephanie Bullington

I have been in the service industry for most of my adult life, especially bars. I began teaching in public schools about 8 years ago and absolutely LOVED it. Unfortunately,


teaching doesn't provide a profitable business that can be passed down. I wanted to create a company that I could pass down to my daughter, and considering my daughter has always had a passion for music, a Live House seemed like a great idea.

My grandfather, Raleigh Sigler, had one of the first music schools in Tyler, Hawaiian Music Studio, and while I did not inherit his immense musical talent, I do love and appreciate music more than most. Just as my grandfather proved, East Texas is full of excellent musicians and The Keys, Dueling Piano & Sports Bar provides a venue for local artists to showcase their talent. I do not know everything about anything, however, I am a professional student who is willing to learn all the lessons provided through chance encounters.
Sounds Like A Great Time!

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