About once a month, I get a call from Hollywood via Skype from the folks at TMZ and they invite me to be on the show to share my opinions on whatever is the entertainment trending topic of the day.

I've been on the show several times over the last few years to talk about a wide array of topics from the rapper Tekashi69 getting into fights in the public:

To R&B star Mya and her allegedly "marriage" to herself....we thought she actually got married but turned out it was a video shoot.

I say "once a month" I get a call but most of the time due to the nature of "live TV" I'm usually on standby or I get bumped from the show altogether but when I'm on, baby I gotta make it count!

So last week I got called up to be on the show to talk about actor Miles Teller getting allegedly "jumped" by some guys and he punched in the face at a restaurant in Hawaii while out with his wife. Its alleged that the guys were after Teller over money owed to a wedding planner.

I'll let them give you all the details but you can check out my thoughts on the entire affair at the 4:50 mark of the video.

From East Texas to Hollywood we good!


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