Michael Jackson moved the world in 1983 during his Motown 25 performance. I remember exactly where I was on that warm, Monday night in when Motown 25 aired and Michael Jackson hit the stage with his brothers.  Entering the stage from both sides, the Jackson's first song performed was Stop the Love You Save followed by Never Can Say Goodbye. There I stood in my living room just 3 feet from my floor-model TV in my MJ pants, shiny socks, and glitter glove imitating the Jackson's every move.

But when the Jackson brothers left the stage and it was time for the King of Pop to do his thing, this (then) 7-year-old girl, moved to the center of the living room, sitting crisscross applesauce with my eyes glued to the tube. I couldn't move, nor did I want to. I sat in utter amazement . I had to take it all in because I didn't want to miss a single spin, shoulder pop or pelvic thrust. As soon as the Billie Jean beat dropped, I knew, without a doubt, the night would be epic and my life would be changed for ever.

The night I'm referring to is that fate-filled Monday night, May 16, 1983, when Michael Jackson introduced to the world the moon walk and literally changed the game forever. The effortless way in which he glided backwards across the floor had members of the audience of all colors and backgrounds on their feet and clapping their hands.

Once the five-minute performance was over, I made countless trips down the hallway of our home that night trying to moonwalk like Mike. Unfortunately, I never quite got it down. However, I did get a priceless memory etched in my head of a moment in time with the King of Pop that I'm sure I share with countless others.

In case you weren't there, check out the classic MJ performance to Billie Jean during Motown 25.



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