Ok now, this has gone way too far! A girl licked a tongue depressor and put it back! How unsanitary can you be...in a doctor's office!! The girl's mom has been arrested for the "prank," which they claim wasn't a prank! Her daughter licked a tongue depressor at a doctor's office, according to EastTexasMatters.com. Cori Ward recorded her 10-year-old daughter pull a tongue depressor out of a jar, lick it, then put it back in the jar! She claims her and her daughter were just "being silly!" She says she knew nothing about the viral "licking challenge" that has resulted in the arrests of others, including a Texas woman! “What I didn’t know was that there was a 'licking challenge' as I don’t scroll social media like that,” is what she wrote in a Facebook post. She later deleted her page, claiming she has received death threats. She has been charged with felony tampering with a consumer product without regard for possible death or bodily injury.

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