Nacogdoches is looking for singers to be apart of their adult community choir. Residents of Nacogdoches have been wanting a way to express themselves musically and now it is here.

Stone Fort Chorale has been put together as an adult community choir that welcomes musicians of all level to practice at First United Methodist Church. Director at the church Tod Fish realizes that there is a need for adult community members to perform, and thinks music is a great way to express emotions.

“I think it’s been very important because the last year as we all know has been very difficult, a lot of people were cooped up. They weren’t able to go and do some things so this is a real boost for the morale,” Fish said.

One member that is overjoyed to me a member of the choir is Carolyn Andrews and she has a long history of teaching and directing music in the community.

“I’ve lived in Nacogdoches now for 30 years and to my knowledge there’s never been a community choir during that time. For most of those years I had actually wished and hoped that a community choir would form in Nacogdoches,” Andrews said.

If you would like to be a member of the choir you must be 18 and love music. Currently, they have 30 member but have so much room to grow.

“For those of us who love chorale music, there is just no other experience quite like coming together in a community and making music,” Andrews said.

The choir is learning music from American composers to coincide with their American tapestry theme for their upcoming October performance. If you or someone you know is interested in joining the choir you can email for more information.

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