Burgers are something most East Texans eat almost daily so it only makes sense that out of all the "national" days out there, we like this one a lot!

Of course burgers can be found at damn near every restaurant and menu in America because no matter what, you really can't screw up putting a piece of meat between two buns with toppings. Its one of the many foods that most of its goodness is dependent on what YOU put on it.

With that knowledge, the big boys like Mickey D's, Wendy's and "The King" are going to be booming on days like this but what about the "mom and pops"? Don't forget about them because in a lot of cases, their burgers are massively better anyway!

Local spots like Jucy's Hamburgers or your nearby food truck can get you squared away so make sure you support LOCAL burger masters in our area!

Since its "National Burger Day" I decided to pull up on a local burger joint that just opened up a few months back inside an Exxon station called "Big B's Burger Shack".


While other burger spots try to blow you away with a lot of options, theirs was super simple: Single or Double. I went with the double with cheese and bacon and it was fantastic! It was exactly what I needed to celebrate this day!

Big thanks to "Big B's Burger Shack", go check them out and enjoy this "burger day".


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