I know Thanksgiving is right around the corner next week but before the big holiday, there's another big day you need to know about: MY BIRTHDAY!


That's right! My birthday is this weekend to be exact and normally, I would try to throw a big birthday bash or harass everyone for gifts. Instead, this year, I want to GIVE BACK TO YOU East Texas.


Since my first day almost a year ago on The All New Kiss-FM, y'all have shown me nothing but love and I want to give that love back and help out folks if I can.

Homemade Roasted Thanksgiving Day Turkey
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With Thanksgiving food costs going up and shortages everywhere, I want to do my best to be a blessing to others because I have been so tremendously blessed this year.

But I'm not alone. There are a lot of community organizations and churches that will be providing help this holiday season including God's Amazing Grace Outreach Ministries and Continuing Faith In Christ Ministries. This Saturday November 20th beginning at 10:00 AM, they will be at Rudy's BBQ in Tyler and they are asking the elderly 55 and older to come by and pickup some free food.

I'll be there helping out as well but I want to be a blessing too so I'm going to select 10 people at random from entries on our website and hook them up with a free turkey this year. I'll contact you personally and arrange to have you grab your bird. If you want to pitch in, you're more than welcome to so feel free to reach out but this is coming out of my pocket for my birthday.

Just enter your information below and if you get selected, I'll call you! Have a Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for all your love East Texas!

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