Forget everything you know about lyric videos. The new lyric clip for Nelly Furtado‘s ‘Spirit Indestructible’ transcends the medium with an inspiring story of Spencer West, a double amputee who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro using his hands.

Footage of West dancing with his climbing buddies is shown as Furtado sings, “I’ll be dancing all day / See the sun outside.” West is shown propelling his wheelchair forward on dirt paths and lifting himself up rocky hillsides. As they encounter colder temperatures higher on the mountain, West and the rest of his group begin to slow, but they keep marching on as Furtado sings about unbreakable determination. The climbers finally reach the summit, leading to a giant group hug.

West wrote, “I am extremely humbled to be featured along side of such a inspirational song. The clips that were chosen for the lyrics are awesome and although its only been a few weeks, seeing them brought back so many memories from our climb!”

The song is taken from Furtado’s upcoming fifth album, ‘The Spirit Indestructible,’ which also includes the single ‘Big Hoops’ and is planned for a September release. Though this is labeled as merely a lyric video, we find it hard to imagine that Furtado will film another clip for the song. What could she possibly do with an official music video to top this?

Watch West’s indestructible spirit in the video below.

Watch the Nelly Furtado ‘Spirit Indestructible’ Lyric Video