Sometimes I am just in awe when I see the talent that is here in East Texas. So recently I stumbled upon this new video showing what it’s like to live in Kilgore, Texas. The video just popped up on my social media feed and I saw lots of people reacting to it so I had to see what it was all about for myself. As soon as I hit play on the video, I automatically loved it because the background music is such a great choice for Kilgore, it’s ‘My Town’ by Montgomery Gentry. 

Within the first couple seconds of the video, you see a little bit about the history regarding oil production back in the 1930’s. It quickly shows some of the big ol’ trees and tractors that have been working hard for many years. The video shows off the Kilgore water tower and the beauty of downtown Kilgore. It’s a video that you can watch over and over again. 

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What Really Makes This New Kilgore, Texas Video Stand Out 

What I really loved about this video showing so many good things in Kilgore was just the sense of pride throughout the video. Kilgore is a wonderful place to live and the law enforcement there is always working to keep the streets clean and make the community safe for all citizens. It’s very possible that this video will help bring more families to the Kilgore area. 

You Might Recognize Someone in the New Kilgore Video 

Because this video was shot around Kilgore showing off many of the big restaurants and landmarks it’s very possible that you or someone you know is in the video. Make sure you stop and watch the video below you’re going to love it whether you’re featured in the video or not. 

Kilgore Police Discussing Safety

Here are some messages from the Kilgore Police reminding residents that they are safe.

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