While many Americans received their stimulus check and others wondering if they will ever get one a woman in North Carolina got the shock of her life when she got a notification of her stimulus check arriving, but not the amount she was expecting.

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ABC 11 report Allie Harris-Beck received her stimulus check for a whopping amount of $15 from the IRS and she thought it was a mistake.

I only got $15 and I thought it was an error.

Beck received her tax return and was confused with the amount because she didn't owe anything.

The IRS did send her a letter confirming they made a deposit for the amount of $1,200 and when she tried to contact them via phone she kept getting the automated message.

Now this isn't new problem as ABC 11 reports stimulus checks going to the wrong bank account and the IRS will send a paper check.

Paper checks will arrive in your mailbox as early as June or into September pending on your income.

For more info on your stimulus payment you can click here.

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