If you have been receiving summons for jury duty in Gregg County, check the date on when they want you in court because once again, you may not have to show up.

After cancelling jury duty this past Monday Nov. 9th for unspecified reasons, Gregg County District Clerk Trey Hattaway told KLTV that jury duty will be canceled once again this upcoming Monday November 16th.

Once again, you LUCKY folks who received a summons won't have to worry about showing up on Monday to do your "civic duty" and you're free to have a "Monday Funday" but the reason its being cancelled should serve as an reminder as to a serious matter.

COVID cases are back on the rise in Texas and across the country and the court is canceling activities due to that fact. So please, practice social distancing and limit contact with others, wear a mask and sanitize your hands and work areas regularly.

Jury selection will resume on November 30th according to the report.

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