While I realize there was more than one Chinese buffet restaurant in Tyler, Texas when I heard people talking about Yami Buffet being closed in Tyler, Texas I had to investigate for myself. My wife and I had only visited Yami Buffet one time but we both enjoyed the food quality and variety, but we now know that the restaurant has closed down even if the reader board out front still says they are open. 

If you’re not familiar with where Yami Buffet was located it was on Troup Hwy, right next to Firehouse Subs and the Corner Bakery Café. As mentioned above on their large sign and reader board on Troup Hwy it says OPEN, and the sign on the door says they are closed temporarily. But they are gone forever. 

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Yami Buffet is Closed Forever 

When I noticed people talking about Yami Buffet on a popular Tyler, TX social media page there were some people commenting that there were already plans of another restaurant replacing Yami Buffet. Obviously, that was just a rumor posted until I went to the Yami Buffet Facebook page and it says they are gone. But there is a new restaurant opening in that location called TAKARA. 

What We Know So Far About TAKARA 

From the details posted on the Yami Buffet Facebook page it sounds like TAKARA will be the name of the new Japanese restaurant, it will not be a buffet. Are you excited to try the new Japanese restaurant in Tyler when it opens its doors? 

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