East Texas is full of ghost and horror stories. From Tyler to Jefferson to Palestine, Texas and many other spots in our area, you can find a haunting of some kind. This particular story comes out of deep East Texas in the town of Huntsville along the backroad Bowden Road, otherwise known as Demon's Road. This area got that nickname because of the many stories of demons, ghosts and even hands trying to pull you into Hell.

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Bowden Road in Huntsville

Bowden Road is a secluded backroad southwest of Huntsville. The road itself is paved but many of its offshoot roads are not. The road leads to Martha Chapel Cemetery where one of these ghost stories takes place.

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Boy On His Tricycle

One story that goes along with Demon's Road is of a boy that rides down the road on his tricycle. Some have said to see a smoky figure with glowing eyes coming toward them but then disappears into a fog. Other stories claim that the boy can sense a great wrong you have done. He will turn and stare at you with his red eyes and gaze into your soul. He then follows you home and suffocates you and pulls your spirit into Hell.

Hand From the Grave

Another story involves Martha Chapel Cemetery which is just off of Demon's Road. In 2001, a man from Houston got his buddy to ride with him to the cemetery. They park by the graveyard and the man gets out while noticing that his friend seems to be asleep in the passenger seat. The man begins walking through the cemetery and notices part of the ground moving by a grave he's standing close to. A hand reaches up from the ground and grabs the man.

His friend shows up and they stomp the hand back into the ground. They run back to car only to find his friend is still "asleep" in the passenger seat. The man jumps in the car and discovers about a mile down the road that his friend is dead. He had a heart attack while on Demon's Road heading to the cemetery.

If I need something. No matter what, unless it’s life or death, I steer clear of that sucker once the sun goes down. That place ain’t no good. Not a place for any law-abiding Christian. The Devil take that land.

Faceless Monster

This next story is of a faceless monster that will stalk your drive along Demon's Road. The creature will hover beside you along the tree line but leave you alone for the most part. However, if you call out to it, it will charge at you. This spirit won't attach to you as its believed to only be able to move along Demon's Road.

Red Lights

This final story says that if you travel down Demon's Road between midnight and 4 a.m., you could come across a series of red lights. These are harmless unless you look directly at the lights. They will become aggravated and charge at you and cause a temporary amnesia of the moment the light hits you.

Other Stories of Demon's Road

There are other stories of demon possession, a skinwalker and spirits that will follow behind your vehicle as you head down the road. There are a few people who live along Demon's Road who say that going outside after dark is not recommended.

These stories just add to many other ghost stories of East Texas. If you're feeling brave, take a trip down Demon's Road and see if you have an encounter like any of the stories above.



Demon's Road

Martha Chapel Cemetery

Cemetery Historical Marker

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