Nothing surprises me anymore while living in Texas!

I just prepare myself to expect the unexpected and now when I go to Walmart I have to double check my shopping cart in case of seeing a snake.

According to Fox News, a cart attendant got a surprise at a Cross Roads Walmart when they found a large rat snake in the shopping cart.

A woman's loud scream came from the parking lot area which got the attention from a police officer in the area.

The Northeast Police Department contacted John Heckaman known as "The Snake Charmer" to remove the snake and relocate it to another area.

The attempt was a success, but Heckaman was bitten during the process.

Authorities gave an explanation on how the snake could have gotten there.

Recent heavy rains are forcing a lot of snakes out of their natural habitats, and this goes to show, that they can turn up just about anywhere.

Now the good news is the rat snake isn't poisonous according to the National Wildlife Federation.

You can usually find them in farmlands, fields, and woodlands in states Connecticut, Oklahoma and yes Texas!





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