Plain and simple, nice people don't get enough recognition for what they do. This morning I started my day like so many others looking at social media and I always like to stay up on what is going on in East Texas. As I was looking through social media groups I saw a post out of Longview, TX that made me stop what I was doing and smile and it was all due to a Target employee who was making others happy.

The post was made by someone I have talked to before, her name is Bayleigh, and she mentioned how this employee with bright eyeshadow made her night by giving her a compliment. It was nothing more than a few kind words by someone she had never met before. But after posting that online, this employee had done this before and it has really helped people be in a better mood.

Her Mom Saw The Post Online About Her Daughter Being Kind

What made this post even better was when the mother of this Target employee saw the post and mentioned that (Hailey) really is that kind all the time, and is the most precious soul you will ever meet. Everyone has the opportunity to compliment others but Hailey takes the time to make it happen which is exactly what we need more of in the world right now.

Others in Longview are Spreading Positivity

After the post was made others started mentioning really great employees they have encountered in Longview, such as the Walmart employee on 4th Street with some bright colored hair and tattoos. This lady has also made a positive impact on many peoples day.

So many people are struggling with things they will never talk about, that quick positive comment can really change someone's day or mood. Also, with so much negativity in the world, if someone does something nice for you don't be shy to shout them out online. Let's spread more positivity here in East Texas!

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