Oprah Winfrey is tripping....Literally!

During a stop in Los Angeles for her Vision speaking tour, Oprah took a fall on stage as she was talking about get this "balance."

While on the floor she yelled out "wrong shoes" before getting herself up to continue the lecture and social media wasted no time dragging her while others showed concern.

According to the New York Post, Oprah is home resting with a very expensive knee sleeve from Game Ready where treatments run between $400 - $3,000 and I should know because I had one when I tore my ACL, but that's another story.

Oprah wrote on her Instagram,

Sunday reading and icing. Thank you all for your kind wishes. Yes I slipped on stage and I’m now a meme.  But so grateful to be only a little sore. Turning the day into what @michelleobama calls #selfcareSunday.

Oprah's Vision Tour is taking place after she made a stop in Dallas, TX Valentine's Day weekend last month.  Her next stop is in Denver, Colorado with her bestie Gayle King.

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