It's never right to steal items from any business. Whether they are a big box store or not, you should never take items that you don't pay for. Unfortunately there was a pair of thieves that stopped into a Walmart in Tyler and not only did they steal a bunch of items they also decided to push an employee.

While I will never understand why people are willing to put their freedom in jeopardy for a few items, it still happens quite a bit. Which is especially dumb now because there are cameras everywhere. So, when you steal it's not if you get caught it's just a matter of when you get caught. And now companies and even police departments are moving to social media to identify suspects.

The Two Walmart Thieves in Tyler Last Week Had Their Photo Posted online by the Tyler Police Department

The City of Tyler Police Department have been doing this new feature on social media called Find Em' Friday. It's where they will post a picture of a local crime in which they need help identifying the suspect. Local residents are really getting a kick out of the pictures and stories, and they are receiving some great tips on some of the suspects.

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More Details on These Two Thieves in Tyler Who Also Assaulted a Walmart Employee

This pair of thieves looked suspicious as they were stealing lots of items from the Walmart on 64 W. While stealing the items they also pushed an employee at the store. If you know who they are or can help to identify them please reach out to Detective Main at 903-531-1025 or contact the Tyler-Smith County Crime Stoppers at 903-597-2833.


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