Pretty soon, you'll be able to call East Texas, "Hollywood, Texas" because a lot of talented folks here are going to be appearing in the spotlight thanks to a new movie that's getting the "red carpet" treatment this weekend.

Parole Money
Parole Money

"Parole Money" is a dramatic comedy movie produced by music producer and songwriter Michael Baker aka "BoogieLow" about a father who is trying to get his money up to buy his family a home but has to deal with a ton of obstacles along the way.

The beautiful thing about this movie is that Mr. Baker not only wrote, directed, edited and filmed the entire movie here in East Texas, but he also has a big cast of well known folks from East Texas.

Local stars from Tyler to Jacksonville to Longview appeared in the film including DJ Keno G, MC Minifee and more!

Boogielow felt it was important to cast East Texans who he believes are super talented but doesn't get the spotlight or the opportunities to shine because of limited opportunities to showcase their talents and he hopes to shine that spotlight on these folks through his movie.

Melz recently caught up with Boogielow and the cast to discuss the movie and it special red carpet premiere happening this Saturday night (Sept. 25) at Studio Movie Grill in Tyler kicking off at 8:00 PM. Tickets are on sale right now at Eventbrite and after the movie stick around for a live podcast with the cast at 9:00 PM.

Check out the interview below on The Melz On The MIC Podcast available using the "ON DEMAND" button on your KISX app!

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