Some Of You Are Excited About This, For Others, This Discussion Might Get Controversial.

We're still months away from Easter (first we have to make it through Valentine's Day) but one company that gets a LOT of business at about this time of the year is The Peeps Brand and they are getting the word out EARLY about something new their dropping this year.

Peeps Announced That Its Dropping Some New Flavors This Year.

William Thomas Cain, Getty
William Thomas Cain, Getty

Depending on who you ask, Peeps are either LOVED or HATED, there's really no in-between. Just like it says on their website: The wonderful combination of sweet colored sugar and fluffy marshmallow creates an unforgettable taste experience. An for some that "taste experience" was indeed a bad way. Which is why the news of them dropping new flavors has the internet going crazy.

New Flavors Include "Kettle Corn" And "Mike & Ike Pop"


For the first time ever, Peeps popular Marshmallow pop teamed up with "Mike & Ike" for a special pop that will include four different flavored Chicks including lemon, lime, orange, and strawberry. Sweet and salty lovers will be delighted to taste the new Kettle Corn Flavored Marshmallow Chicks (available only at Kroger). But this next flavor will surely strike a nerve or have folks rejoice.

Dr. Pepper Flavored Peeps Are A Thing And They Are Coming

Peeps Brand
Peeps Brand\

The beloved (or hated) candy is also teaming up with Texas' beloved Dr. Pepper to introduce Dr. Pepper Flavored Peeps Chicks which will only be available at Walmart. Peeps claim that they combine sweet Marshmallow with the "unique and refreshing flavors of Dr. Pepper" but I have reasons to be skeptical.

Do you think these will be delicious or trash?

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