Looking at real estate can be a lot of fun, whether you're looking to purchase a property or not. And this amazing property in Pittsburg is one that will make your jaw drop, it really is that spectacular. This Pittsburg palace that is currently for sale has an indoor pool, spa, sauna, and so much more that is if you can afford the almost $4 million dollar asking price. Although this $4 million dollar home could be yours for much less seeing as how it goes up for auction (through Concierge Auctions) next week with the reserve at only $2,495,000.

The home address is 800 South Greer Blvd in Pittsburg, TX. The home itself is very large at 18,327 square feet, so you might need some help doing the dusting and keeping it clean. There is plenty of land surrounding the large home as it is sitting on 43 acres. The home consists of 6 bedrooms and 10 and a half bathrooms, so no one will have to wait when they have to go.

This Palace in Pittsburg Has Every Extra You Could Imagine

The house that used to be owned by the world-renowned founders of Pilgrim Pride has every extra added amenity ever. We are talking about an indoor pool, spa, and sauna. Through the photos below I was able to notice an elevator in the home, plus every details is picture perfect.

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It Seems Like Someone Is Going to Get a Great Deal on This Pittsburg Palace

The list price was close to 4 million dollars, but the reserve next week for the auction is near 2.5 million dollars. And lets be honest, there isn't a large number of people that have that type of money to spend on a property in Pittsburg. It wouldn't be shocking to see someone get a great deal on this home. I guess we will find out next week.

Just look at how amazing this place is:

Indoor Pool, Spa, Sauna and More Included in Perfect Pittsburg Palace

The home used to be owned by Mr. and Mrs. Bo Pilgrim of Pilgrim Pride and now the Pittsburg, TX mansion could be yours for a bargain.

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