A California Police Department is holding true to ‘Serving and Protecting’ the neighborhood as a dash cam caught officers trying to break up a group’s attempt to perform Drake’s ‘In My Feeling’s Challenge’ or ‘KeKe Challenge’ in the middle of the road according to UPI.

Now if you have been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks the challenge involves people stopping their car on the road, getting out of the car, and dancing in the middle of the road to Drake’s hit “In My Feeling’s.”

The video footage shows them quickly getting back into their SUV when the police got out of his vehicle.

The Madera Police Department is thankful there wasn’t any injuries and have seen the viral videos associated with the ‘KeKe Challenge’ and numerous of them have involved the person in the roadway being injured or the driverless vehicle causing a collision.

If you really love 'KeKe' use your common sense and drive safely!

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