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While the coronavirus has shut down sporting events, concerts, and festivals should movie theaters be included?

AMC Theaters have enforced a 'Social Distancing' policy as they limit the amount of movie goers to gather any anytime to see a movie others would prefer that they should close all together.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, this poll was taken last week (March 5th - 7th) has found that Americans are divided, by 38 percent saying they should be closed, but 44 percent are opposed to the idea.

Now even though the poll was taken a week ago the virus has since expanded takes us to the 21 percent of individuals in the poll said they would rather subscribe to a streaming service since the beginning of the year saying the coronavirus as a reason for doing so, and 43 percent said they would more likely watch movies on a streaming service than calls for social distancing.

Do you think movie theaters should be shut down?

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