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It does not matter who you are, what your background is, what your social or economic status is, we all have needs.

We are approaching the time of the year where we notice more and more people here in East Texas reaching out for assistance and at the same time others reaching out to help others in need. It's the holiday spirit. Here lately we have noticed and felt the effects of inflation. It seems like the price of nearly everything is going up - gasoline, eating out, grocery store items, appliances, electricity - it's just costing us more to live these days and there are a lot of people struggling just to make ends meet.


It's not just inflation, it's everyday things we're looking for help with.

From issues with our vehicles to needing appliances repaired or replaced, learning materials for kids to clothing and more, there are a lot of us with some specific needs. I happened to run across a post that someone created on a social media account for Kilgore residents that is looking for us to state one thing that we need right now but cannot afford. The purpose of the post is to connect those with a need to someone who can fulfill or assist with fulfilling that need.


This particular post has generated more than 530 comments (at the time of this posting) from several hundred 'needs' that have been listed by Kilgore residents. It seems there is a huge need for washers and dryers, clothing for all ages, assistance with work on vehicle maintenance, tree removal and quite a few other random needs. Those needs have been answered by generous Kilgore residents wishing to help out by giving things to those in need, assisting with repairs or generating a lead for someone looking for assistance.

In a world full of daily bad news, it is comforting to know that we are still willing to assist those in need. When we all work together we can uplift our neighbors and people we don't know through our generosity.


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