Smith County authorities are warning of an increase in mail thefts, especially checks!


The Smith County Sheriff’s Office and Tyler Police Department are warning residents of reports of increased mail thefts, according to According to authorities, the suspects are stealing envelopes from blue post office boxes. The suspects seem to be targeting mail that looks like it contains checks. They are altering the information on the checks, then cashing or shopping with them.

  • If you have to mail a check or other financial instrument, consider going to your local post office.
  • You can use the drop off point within the building or, preferably, hand-deliver the envelope to the clerk.
  • You can hand-deliver the envelope to your local mail carrier
  • Consider using your personal mailbox, but know whenever you raise the red flag on your mailbox, you’ve just alerted anyone who happens to see it.
  • What can you do to help law enforcement? Be vigilant of your neighborhood and surroundings. If you see anyone acting suspiciously around these target areas, call your local law enforcement agency.

If you have any information that can help police, contact the Smith County Sheriff.

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