It has been months since 3-year-old Lina Sadar Khil went missing from a San Antonio, Texas playground within the apartment complex where she lived with her family, and the reward for information about where she is has now increased to $250,000. This really is the worst case scenario for any parent, having your child go missing is so scary, but it has now been months and her community is more desperate than ever to find where Lina has gone.

The increase in reward money has mostly come from The Islamic Center of San Antonio putting up $200,000 in reward money, the other $50,000 is from the San Antonio CrimeStoppers. The money coming from CrimeStoppers has been guaranteed for anyone who brings information resulting in an arrest or indictment of the suspect involved in Lina's disappearance.

The Search Hasn't Slowed Down Since December 20th

The first day that Lina went missing was Monday, December 20th and law enforcement has been heavily investigating this case ever since then. To most people this case raises so many questions. How is it that a 3-year-old was alone on a playground for even a few minutes without supervision? At this point the answer can come later, right now, it's still all about finding Lina.

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Lina Would Have Celebrated Her 4th Birthday This Past Weekend

There was a birthday celebration this past Sunday as it would have been Lina's 4th birthday, but the occasion was way more sad than any 4th birthday party should be. If you have any details regarding where Lina might be or and information regarding her disappearance please contact the San Antonio Missing Persons Division at 210-207-7660.

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