We think Rihanna is firing more shots at Chris Brown‘s girlfriend over Twitter than she does at aliens in ‘Battleship!’ What’s the latest on the embroiled, entangled trio?

Rihanna, as she’s proven prone to do, began the taunts on Twitter. It stared when she posted a photo of rice cakes adorned with sunglasses and earrings with the caption, “Ima make u my b—-.” Not cute! She expounded on it when a follower replied to her, writing, “Kinda DRY tho RT @Hammerhazon: @rihanna save me some rice cakes rather hungry.”

Tran ignored the dig, but it appears RiRi stirred the pot some more. Yesterday (March 6), she took to Twitter again, this time citing a Lil’ Kim and Mob Deep’s ‘Quiet Storm’ remix. In what’s most likely a reference to Tran’s modeling career, Rihanna wrote, “I’m a leader, yall on some followin s—…comin in dis game on some modeling s—!”

After that, Tran apparently decided taking the high road for so long may give her a nose bleed. So she shot back on her Facebook page. Though the post has since been removed, Us Weekly reports that Tran wrote, “I’m Angeline [sic], you’re Jen. C’mon you see where Brad is at,” referencing both the infamous Hollywood love triangle as well as Nicki Minaj‘s ‘Stupid H–.’

Reports (that we’re taking with a huge grain of salt) suggest that the rivalry may be heating up because of a secret wedding between Rihanna and Breezy.

In any case, we hope these three can sort their issues out. While we love RiRi and are happy Breezy’s making a comeback, at the end of the day, she’s fighting with Tran over a guy that put her in the hospital. Is his cooking really that good?