Rihanna is using her voice to call for action against the current immigration policies in the United States.

According to Complex, at the BET Awards, where she honored Mary J. Blige she spoke on coming together to raise awareness to the current immigration raids placed by the Trump administration.

I think in any situation where it's as devastating as what's happening in America right now with the immigrants you have to be as loud as you can. You have to raise as much awareness.

Rihanna also said we should come together as a nation and put our voices and heads together and be loud as possible.

On Tuesday, (June 25th), John Sanders resigned as the acting head of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection according to CNN.

The news came after the outcry over the horrible conditions at a Texas detention facility where migrant children are being held without enough food, sanitation, or medical care.

To make immigration matters even worse a father with his 23-month-old daughter drowned along of the banks of the Rio Grande asylum in the United States per the Associated Press which gained National headlines.

The House recently approved legislation last night calling Congress to pass a $4.5 billion emergency funding bill, but the Senate has other plans to approve a different bipartisan bill later in the week.

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