Most people will never know what Lily Nicole of Round Rock, Texas is going through. In fact, she has gone through a lot lately. She lost her daughter, and last year she moved her family to Texas from the state of Colorado. While she was staying with her mother for several months while trying to find a home of her own, she put a majority of her belongings in a storage unit and that is where someone ended up stealing the ashes of her daughter who had passed away. 

Just imagine that for a second, you’re trying to work hard to make life better for your family, while grieving the loss of a child and then something like this happens. We have all heard about break-in's taking place at storage unit facilities, but for someone to take a box of ashes is about as low as you can get. 

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The Storage Unit Where the Ashes Were Stolen Has Break-in's  

According to KXAN, about a month prior to retrieving her items from the storage unit Nicole was notified by the storage unit facility that locks on her unit had been broken, but no theft occurred, and the company would be replacing the locks. At that point she didn’t believe there was any reason to check on her belongings. 

Daughter’s Ashes Not the Only Thing Stolen from Storage Unit 

Beyond her daughter’s ashes other items taken from the storage unit include televisions, computers, and other various items. The storage unit was Public Storage on North US-183 in Round Rock, Texas.  

Let’s hope that Lily Nicole gets her items returned, and if nothing else, at least has her daughter’s ashes returned to her.  

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