Last week when the news broke that Whataburger was sold to Chicago bank BDT Capital Partners Texans have expressed their displeasure, but now they are really in a frenzy after a meme popped up indicating another change to their favorite hamburger place.

Monday (June 17th) the hashtag #whataslice was trending on social media indicating the idea of Whataburger venturing off into deep dish pizzas to go along with their world famous burger.

Now if you ask me it's a marriage made in heaven!

The idea of having 'Deep Dish Pizza' at Whataburger would be a dream come true as I practice ordering

"Can I have a Whataslice combo with fries and a Dr. Pepper...."

Now even though it's only a rumor and Whataburger hasn't confirmed anything (I called them to make sure) it's safe to say that change will not be coming anytime soon.

While you're at it Whataburger how bout "Whatabeef" for the Chicago Italian Beef, or "Whatadog" for the Chicago Style Hot Dog.

The opportunities are endless!


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