I don't know who came up with this milk crate challenge because this is the silliest thing I have ever witnessed. It's a very popular challenge and a lot of rumors have popped up since the start of it. One of the biggest rumors was that a Dallas woman died from her injures after falling off the milk crates. That would be a very sad situation but the truth of the matter is that it is not true.

Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia said that social media reports about a woman who died after participating in the milk crate challenge are not true and the woman did not die but she was  injured.

"The milk crate challenge? We really don't know much about it," Chief Eddie Garcia said "I know there's been reports that someone lost their life. The report we've gotten is that we took an injured person report. That individual did not perish from that challenge."

So this is how the rumor got started. Dallas Police Officers were called to a house on La Prada Drive in Dallas about 11 p.m. last Monday night. There was an injured person at the location and an injured person report was filed according to police said but they did not release any other information. Except the fact that she did not die, but was injured.

If you have not seen the milk crate challenge, I promise you that you don't want to see it. People stack up empty milk crates in a pyramid shape and then they attempt to walk over them. The milk crates start shaking and people fall out busting their heads open literally. Again, it's the silliest thing I have seen in a long time but I am happy that the lady is alive.

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