It was only a couple months ago when we heard that there was now a safe exchange zone outside of the Whitehouse, Texas Police Department. The new location was a welcomed addition by locals and now it seems that Palestine, Texas has now followed their lead. The Palestine Police Department went to social media to spread the word that they have now set up a 'Safe Exchange Zone' that is located in their parking lot this is to help residents feel more safe.

What is a safe exchange zone and why does Palestine need one? It's a good question but really these safe zone areas are smart for every area across the country. It's for those transactions we make online for people that we don't know, or for parents that are no longer together and need a safe place to make child exchanges. This is an are that is open to everyone to use at no cost and it's monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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What's the Address for the Safe Exchange Zone in Palestine, Texas?

It's located right outside the police station, the address is 511 North John Street, Palestine, TX 75801. Remember it's monitored all the time so this really is a safe place for all transactions and exchanges.

Here are Tips From the Palestine Police Department About Private Party Transactions

It was great to see the police department understand that the safe exchange zone isn't always an option so they have given some tips on how to be safe in those cases. One tip is to never give personal or financial information. Also, never pay for a product before you see the product. Remember to ask lots of questions, such as do all components come with the product. Try to do some research on the seller prior to meeting them. Don't forget to meet in a public location and bring a friend with you.

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