"Security is our business"

Founded: 1996

Liberty Safe Dealer in Tyler, Texas, and a 24 hour locksmith


Questions You Can Ask The Locksmith Expert: Dorothy or David Peay

1. What are the benefits to owning a safe?
2. How often should I change my safe combination?
3. What are the advantages of keeping my prized possessions safe in my home, office, etc. versus using a bank?

Locksmith Expert Tips: 

1. 4 million households are burglarized every year in the U.S. Thieves often take or destroy items not covered by insurance.
2. 7,000 violent crimes are committed in the U.S. by juveniles using unsecured guns found in their homes.
3. There are 383,000 residential fires every year. Home fires reach 1200 degrees F in 10 minutes. Paper chars in three minutes. Unprotected valuables are destroyed in five minutes or less.

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