The 1st day of school for Tyler and Longview students is August 28th and while students and parents are enjoying the summer months, pretty soon everyone will be focused on school once again.

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

According to the website Yes We Coupon this year's Sales Tax Holiday is August 11-13.  The holiday theoretically applies only to "back to school" items, but the list of exempted items is huge.  For all you 1st timers who are experiencing this, I want to give you a suggestion on how to approach "Sales Tax Holiday".

In general, using common sense is the best way to save even more during tax-free week. This means comparing prices at different stores, which you can do online, and also using coupons—in addition to the tax-free savings—whenever possible.


Many parents will go to outlet malls during the tax holiday, but I also want you to consider visiting local stores, which may run a special sale to go with the tax free weekend.  If you want more tips on tax free weekend and how you can save click here.