My wife sent me this story and texted the photo with the caption "Hot Girl Summer Gone Wrong" and while I had a good chuckle at that, once I read more details about it, I was laughing anymore.

In a wild story and video that's garnering national attention, 4 women are lucky to alive after a very scary scene on Austin's Lady Bird Lake where the boat they were in was teetering on the edge of falling off the Longhorn Dam according to KVUE.

The women who are Texas visitors, rented a small electric boat but drifted too close to the close the dam. The boat ran out of power and got stuck there so the women called the owner of the rental company for help but they too got stuck and couldn't help the women out.

So first responders were called out. The women received life jackets from an emergency helicopter while Austin PD Lake units brought a GAS powered boat to pull the rental company's owner boat, who was tied to the women's boat and everyone was pulled back into safety.

Due to the recent rainfall, the Longhorn Dam Spillway was opened up but the current was too strong for the electric boats to power through which is why everyone ended up in this predicament.

But according to first responders, if the boat would have went over it would have been deadly because there's nothing but solid concrete at the bottom so these folks are lucky to be alive. "Dam Scary Stuff".

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