It has been a long time since I stepped foot into a school as a student. I've had the privilege of visiting school to talk about radio but there was no dress code. When I was growing up and going to school none of the schools I attended had a dress code so I don't really have a strong opinion for or against dress codes. What do you think, are dress codes a good idea or are they a thing of the past?

What brought up this topic was an online group talking about the do's and don'ts for school dress codes and many parents (especially in Lindale) said just imagine being back in the 1950s and you should be just fine following the dress code.

Lots of parents discussed online how these dress codes made them buy a brand new wardrobe for their kids, which can get expensive as they are still growing.

Some School Districts Say Knees and Shoulders Need to be Covered

Some parents made it into a joke saying "Knees and Shoulders are so sexy". Which is laughable when you think of the images or graphic things we see on TV or through online videos.

Not Everyone Thinks a School Dress Code is a Bad Idea

While lots of parents wanted their kids to have some creative freedom when it comes to clothing, some parents love the idea of a dress code. Multiple parents mentioned how the dress code actually helps save money on school clothes.

It seems like to me there needs to be a compromise on this topic. Keep the dress code but not so strict or incentivize students by doing well you will be allowed to wear jeans with holes in them for just one day.

What do you think... school dress code... good idea or bad idea?

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