If you ever thought you might've been served mystery meat from your school cafeteria, you'll appreciate this story.

According to Fox News, a Nebraska superintendent is apologizing for "anxiety and any harm" caused after a school chef served kangaroo meat to students without disclosing that's what it was.

The cook in the state's Potter-Dix Public School district served up the meat on October 10th as part of a chili dish mixed with other meat.

The superintendent wrote in a letter to parents and students that the chef used the meat due to its "nutritional value," and that while the meat was legal to sell and considered safe to eat by the USDA, students should know what's in the food they're eating.

If a family wants to eat exotic foods, they can do so on their own time — not at school," he wrote. "If, we were to have food or ingredients that are out of the ordinary, they should be listed on the menu so that the students and families are aware of what they would be being served.

He also added that there will be no way the school will be serving food of that nature again!

Oh, if you're wondering the chef has been fired.

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