McDonald's is bringing family and friends together for Global McDelivery Day!

On Thursday (September 19th) they are turning Global McDelivery Day into McDelivery Night In so we can enjoy our favorite McDonald's items at our convenience.

That means if mom and dad are helping the kids with homework, or watching the game with your friends, or just taking a timeout for yourself they are encouraging you to use their McDelivery and take the night off from the kitchen.

Also, McDonald's is introducing their McDelivery Night In Line which is a collection of unique items to make your night comfortable like plush loungewear, socks, slippers, games and much more.

Starting at 5 p.m. customers who order through McDelivery will have a chance to receive a special item from their fist ever McDelivery Night In Line.

You can order more than just their world-famous fries, Big Macs and other items through Uber Eats or Door Dash.

I don't know about you, but ba da ba ba baaaaa I'm lovin it!




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