This Tuesday I am back at 7-Eleven! The Queen of Some Media, Shani Scott, that's me will broadcast live from the ultimate convince store 7-11 in Grand Saline on East Frank Street and Highway 80.  You, your family and co-workers are all invited out to come enjoy "Lunch Time In The City" with me and yes I am buying your lunch!

Everything will kick off at 11am and I will broadcast until 1pm. Come grab a Big Bite, a Big Gulp, taquitos, tenders and of course the famous Slurpees. I grew up in Dallas so a Slurpee was part of my after school snack. I am looking forward to the "free Slurpee" days that 7-11 is famous for.

If you didn't know 7-11 is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and started out as an icehouse store in 1927. At that time they sold ice, milk, eggs and bread. From 1928 to 1946 it was known as Tote'm Stores because a lady named Jenna Lira brought a totem pole as a souvenir from Alaska  and placed it in front of the store. This became a serious marketing tool and it brought a good amount of attention to the store. Before they knew is the executives added totem poles in front of every store and eventually adopted an Alaska Native inspired theme for their stores. Later on, the stores began operating under the name "Tote'm Stores". In the same year, the company began constructing gas stations in some of its Dallas locations as an experiment.


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