WOW!  Can you believe in less than 30 days we will be going into a new decade?

Think about it for a second.

Through this decade many of us have survived traumas, heartbreaks, devastation, the weather, different phases of life, and here we are "STILL STANDING" today!

I just want to let you know that YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!

As we prepare for the year 2020 we all tend to make resolutions which is typical, but this time I am making short and long term goals to ensure I am on the right track going into something better.

Many of us want to do something better or make changes within a New Year.  Like the famous saying "Out with the old and in with the new", but do we really know what to do or how prepare for it?

I reached out to my good friend Dr. Sharon Thompson who's the resident doctor of the show and we talked about 5 things we should do while preparing for the New Year / decade and the information was very helpful.

During our conversation we covered these 5 things you should be doing going into 2020.

  1. Invest in yourself
  2. Review Your 2020 Goals
  3. Nurture Your Relationships
  4. Plan A Meeting With Your Boss/Manager
  5. Forgive Yourself & Reflect on Lessons Learned

You STILL have time to start making steps to ensure you have an amazing 2020.

Let's keep each other encouraged as we all work for a bigger and better decade.

Happy Holidays.


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