This past weekend I had the privilege of traveling over to the Metroplex to watch some Professional Bull Riding on Saturday and more rodeo action on Sunday. The events both took place at AT&T Stadium and it was so much fun. You know going into those events you're going to be paying more for food, drinks, and souvenirs. But after purchasing a t-shirt I was told by the person working the booth to not tip.

I was absolutely shocked when an employee told me not to tip him anything after making a purchase. While it wasn't going to be anything huge I figured give the guy a couple bucks for helping us and dealing with the long line of customers behind me. But no, I really didn't even have a chance to add a tip because he hit the no tip button for me.

Why Would a Souvenirs Vendor Tell Me Not to Leave Him a Tip

This guy saved me quite a bit of money after letting me know about a little secret. Those vendors never see one penny that is left as a tip. That money goes to the owners of the business so it's basically just paying extra for the shirt or souvenirs for no reason.

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I'm So Glad He Told Me Not to Tip Him

My assumption was that he would leave the event with a few bucks in his pocket but that's not how it works. So, unless I hear otherwise I will not be tipping souvenirs vendors at AT&T Stadium in the future. You're more than welcome to do so but I will tip again once I find out that money is going to the workers.

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