A few days ago, social media lit up with news of R&B star Jeremih and his battle with COVID-19 which took a turn for the worst. His celebrity peers in the entertainment industry called on everyone for prayers because things were looking grim. But we're here to tell you PRAYER WORKS.

According to ABC7 out of Chicago, the singer's mother says that the "U 2 Luv" star is off a ventilator and moved out the intensive care unit and is currently in a regular hospital room on the road to recovery.

Gwenda Starling, Jeremih's mother, reported that the singer was at her home in Chicago when he told her that he felt ill and need to lay down. Shortly thereafter, he asked to go to the hospital as he complained of stomach pains and sudden inability to walk on his own.

That virus viciously attacked every organ in his body. His body was shutting down and they were telling me every day for a week that he just wasn't getting better."

Jeremih has been in the hospital since November 5th and according to his mother, Jeremih's battle with COVID was another set back for his family who is still dealing with the recent deaths of his father and step-father.

But to hear he's on the road to recovery is a blessing in itself and we're happy to see it!

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