We all know that working in law enforcement is not an easy job, but turning to drugs is never the answer and one Van Zandt County Sheriff’s deputy is learning that lesson the hard way. We all learn at a young age to stay away from drugs, very often those lessons are taught by law enforcement so it’s tough to hear about a Texas deputy that was caught with a variety of dangerous drugs.  

The details were first released by KLTV, regarding Jon Mykal Phillips being arrested on Saturday, June 11th for two charges of possession of a controlled substance, one charge of possession of marijuana, and one charge of drug paraphernalia. But luckily Phillips will be able to stand trial because prior to his arrest he was unresponsive and EMS had to take him to the hospital. 

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Drugs Nearly Took the Deputy’s Life 

The Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office got the call about a man unresponsive and found the deputy on the floor of a shop and he was then taken to the emergency room. Near Phillips' body was a torch lighter, glass pipe, and crystal-like residue. Phillips made the comment when speaking to investigators that law enforcement officers were allowed to possess drug paraphernalia. That statement is not true. 

Law Enforcement Then Searched Phillips’ House 

Within his residents' law enforcement found numerous items of drug paraphernalia, marijuana, liquid methamphetamine, crystal methamphetamine, and cocaine. Phillips said all drugs at his residence were evidence.  

After searching for Phillips in the Hopkins County Jail it seems that he has posted bond, but he will be facing some very serious charges and he has been placed on leave from the Van Zandt County Sheriff’s Office. 

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