We're now learning of new details involving the arrests of a Smith County constable and 2 of his employees last week which sent shockwaves through the area.

According to KLTV, last week Curtis Traylor-Harris, the Smith County Precinct 1 Constable, along with LaQuenda Banks, Chief Deputy, and Derrick Holman, who was listed as Sergeant were each arrested and charged with Theft of Property (between $750-$2,500) by a Public Servant, Official Oppression, and Abuse of Official Capacity. All 3 have since bonded out.

An arrest affidavit has been uncovered which shares more of the details of what lead to their arrest.

Smith County Jail

According to the report, Constable Traylor-Harris instructed his deputies to turn off their body cameras during the execution of an eviction on Oct. 18.

Smith County Jail

But, it appears Banks turned the camera on when she was turning it off, and later turned it off when she thought she was turning it on. The camera footage gives evidence of the alleged thefts in which investigators claim the trio were discussing items they discovered and planned on stealing.

Smith County Jail

While Banks and Traylor-Harris are in an a room allegedly stealing items, Holman plays guard and later gets in on the act according to the arrest affidavit. Investigators say the trio made off with several items including watches, a box of ammunition, sunglasses, makeup, a safe containing antique coins, quarter collection, military medals, diploma, birth certificate and Social Secuity card and $750 in cash.

The report went on to add that in the video footage, all 3 could be heard joking and laughing about the alleged theft but things began to unravel for them when the resident of the home they entered told police she noticed the items were missing and she filed a theft report. Traylor-Harris, Banks and Holman each denied the thefts in separate interviews.

For more details about that video, you can read about it at KLTV's website.

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