This Texas heat will make people do some crazy things. Unfortunately for a church congregation in Flint, they hopefully didn't have to suffer in the heat for long at their church after a thief came through and dismantled their air conditioning units.

According to The Smith County Sheriff's Office...

Google Maps
Google Maps

During the evening hours of June 5, 2022 a suspect entered onto the property of The Carpenter’s Baptist Church located at 18110 FM 344 in Flint. Under the cover of darkness, the suspect dismantled a total of five (5-ton) A/C units and stripped out the copper wire. The damage resulted in a total replacement cost of $34,250.00 for five new A/C units.


Investigators Were Able To Identify A Suspect..

Smith County Jail
Smith County Jail

Through leads, the suspect was identified as 20 year old Michael James Hudson of the Pine Trails Shores area of Smith County. Investigators were able to confirm the description of the suspect vehicle and located it at Hudson’s residence. They also discovered that the suspect sold a large amount of copper wiring to a local scrap yard in Tyler the next day on June 6.


Smith County Deputies were in the Pine Trails Shores subdivision checking the area for Hudson On Wednesday.

David Lentz

A Deputy in the area observed Hudson drive by in a known vehicle headed toward Hwy 155. When the Deputy pulled in behind the vehicle, Hudson sped through the stop sign at Hwy 155 and headed south. The Deputy quickly closed in on Hudson, at which time he decided to pull over. Hudson was subsequently arrested for the criminal mischief warrant and he was also charged with Possession of a Drug Test Falsification Device.

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