The Smith family isn’t just a family full of pure talent, but they are strong activists as well. Jada Pinkett Smith this week testified in front of Congress to bring recognition to the problem with human trafficking in the United States and all around the world.

Jada became interested in the use of children as soldiers or forced into slavery as sex slaves after Jada’s 11-year old daughter, Willow, showed her the "Kony 2012" documentary, which is now the most-watched video in history.

The 40-year old actress said, “We need more adequate funding for programs that can actually first protect young women and men who are victims of trafficking and then also the programs that help transition our young people from those traumas into being able to create and develop lives so that they’re not only survivors, but they are thriving.”

Smith also brought along three American survivors of human trafficking to further express to Congress that the three young women “are not just surviving, but they are thriving.”

The Smith family is always full of surprises and I cannot wait to see what they do next!