Watch where you step East Texans!  As we approach warmer weather that means we could see a lot of snakes that are preparing to come out of hibernation which is drawing a concern of individuals possibly being bit.

Experts at Texas A&M advises us as the warmer weather approaches that snakes will come out of hibernation so don’t be surprised if you just so happen to come across one.  Christine Rutter who is with the school’s Small Animal Clinical Services has already came across dogs who have been bitten by snakes.

NBC DFW reports Texas is home to four poisonous snakes:  the coral snake, copperhead, rattlesnake, and cottonmouth, which is also called the water moccasin.  Now, the cottonmouth is considered aggressive than most snakes and others are more scared then you are of them.

Snake bites can be very painful and could cost you a lot of money to get treated for venomous cases.  If you come across one call a professional wildlife expert and have them removed.