From tornados, snakes, the Astros winning the World Series, and now SNOW (sorta), I've experienced a lot since moving to Texas.

For Texans I can understand how unusual it could be to see snow. Born and raised in the Midwest, I just brush it off because I've seen snow all my life. However, it has been a little over five years since I've seen actual snowfall, so I did get a little excited as Mark Scirto said we could see possible snow flurries going into the weekend.

The day went by and I did see some flurries and I actually thought we would see some accumulation, but not like our friends in San Antonio, Austin, and even Houston. I actually got jealous as I was checking out the reactions on social media.

This by far is my favorite one.  This guy sees snow for the very first time....

Video Source:  Sauceddie

To all my fellow Texans enjoy the "Winter Wonderland",  because warmer temps are coming back the snow will melt quick. So here is a little word of caution.  If you plan on eating snow like the gentleman in the video above, make sure it's not yellow.

Happy Holidays!

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