I am always asked the question, "Why are you single?" That's a tough and easy question to answer. There are plenty of men in my DMs and inboxes but they are not trying to get to know me, they are trying to sleep with me or scam me.

Case and point, this weekend I decided to check my DMs on Instagram. This is not something that I do everyday. Maybe every 4 or 5 days, I'll check just to see how it is going down in my DM. When I click on the message icon, it is business as usual. I have about 32 messages that I have yet to read.

I begin the process of going through clicking on each message a reading what they say. When I check my messages, I make sure that I respond to everyone that is not too far over the top. I get to the message below and I am like "OKAAYYY" he is cute, but probably not real.

As you can see from the content, I found out very quickly that this was some foolishness. Actually looking at the photos and the page, you can get the sense that someone probably took this photo and made a fake page. Listen, what you don't want to do is play with me because I have all the time in the world to play back.

I responded to all of his questions being funny, but I was ready to stop once he asked me to be his "sugar baby". That's when I was like game over until the King of Some Media , Melz on the M.I.C. saw the text thread. Melz was for the games too. His next words were, "Ask him for a deposit", and I did of course the scammer really came out.

The thread is below for you to read. On a serious tip, please don't fall for the okkie doke when you see something like this.


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